Sun Fortress – Sacsayhuaman

In ancient times, Sacsayhuaman was a huge citadel, the temple complex and gathering place of all the garrison troops. It is located in Peru, in the Cusco city. If we consider the plan of the city, having the shape of a puma, the citadel represented by its teeth. It is known that there was a fortress on a foundation doinkovskogo period buildings. They date from the years 900 -1100, ie the heyday of sprat ceramics. But there is a perception that these structures are associated with early habitation here first Inca tribe.

Sun Fortress Sacsayhuaman 2

According to the analysis and preserved written we found out that the construction of the citadel was in 1471, and completed in 1525. Fully construction was never completed because there was a period of violent civil wars. That part of the fortress of the sun, which faces the city was practically unfortified because of its steepness. But on the other side were three high crenellated walls of stone terraces.

Sun Fortress Sacsayhuaman 3

The material for the construction of the fortress served yukaysky limestone. The largest stones are the lower row, and have a weight of from 100 to 200 tons. The longest preserved section of the wall has a height of over 6 meters, and the slowness of more than 400 meters. Part of the walls were cut into the hillside ground for strengthening the walls of buildings of strength. Several entrances were closed by lifting stones and the walls themselves were comfortable parapets for soldiers shelter. Each of the 3 wall has its own name. The first wall is called the Sand Gate or Tiu Punku, the following has been named after the main construction wizard – Akanava Punku, and the last was dedicated creator god Viracocha, Viracocha and called Punku.

Sun Fortress Sacsayhuaman 4

On top of a hill outside the city walls were three majestic towers connected by a network of tunnels. Tunnel Corridors overlap if necessary, stone beams. The network of tunnels was beaten special rooms for stores of provisions, water and ammunition. If necessary, outside the walls of the fortress could hide all the then population of Cusco and comfortable for years to withstand the siege.

Sun Fortress Sacsayhuaman 5

Now Sacsayhuaman Fortress is part of the List of World Heritage by UNESCO. Every year, on the territory of the fortress are festivals devoted to the summer and winter solstice, which attract thousands of tourists.