Mütter Museum

Mutter medical history museum is located in Philadelphia. It contains many exhibits that not everyone will be able to calmly consider. This museum contains multiple instances of various pathologies of the medical equipment of the time, also has a biological exhibits, etc. In the beginning, this museum was created in order to carry out medical research, as well as to teach students on a visual copy.

Mütter Museum 2

Most of the museum now houses the skulls, there assembled a huge collection. He founded a museum of Dr. Thomas Dent Mutter in 1858. Today, in order to visit this museum, you will need to pay 14 dollars. For those who are interested in medicine and those pathologies that exist in it, this museum is for you. For example, there is such a piece, you will not see anywhere else, it’s gut, a length of 12.5 centimeters. Also, there is a real body of a woman, who in the land turned into soap.

Mütter Museum 3

There is one more interesting exhibit is Istlak Gary, who during his life had suffered a rare form of the disease ossifiruyuschaya fibrodisplations. That is, for each impact or abrasion on the site formed the excess bone.

Mütter Museum 4

Also in the museum you can see the famous Siamese twins Chang and Yong Hopper, who fused liver. Child Skeleton with two heads, twins with accrete head, etc. All this and more can be seen in this museum. Of course the museum is the historical value, since many doctors do not just come here. But also, it can be assumed that the maniacs here is also not averse to go and see. After all, their mentality is that they all like it, and they would be happy to look at suffering humanity.

Mütter Museum 5

This museum is a treasure of history and it is very important for medicine. This not only proves to everyone that we all go under God, and it depends only on our lives, but also how to develop medicine. After all, thanks to the exhibits, you can learn a lot about the disease and how it develops. And most importantly, how to treat it.