The most green light – Gonçalo de Kovalam

Gonçalo de Kovalev on the right is called the greenest streets in the world. Street looks more like a green river that cools the heat of the year the urban jungle a year. A whole street of powerful ancient trees attracts thousands of curious tourists annually.

The most green light Gonçalo de Kovalam 2

Slowness of the street only 500 meters, and on both sides of the street, in all its slowness, sidewalks framed by beautiful rosewood. Trees are planted Germans in the 1930m year. They lived and worked then close the brewery. Ever since these trees have grown to epic proportions and fully covered the whole street ocean of greenery. Street is notable because it is here dealt position concrete jungle prevailing in the rest of the city.

The most green light Gonçalo de Kovalam 3

Many companies have made plans and tried to cut down or burn some trees, but these actions are met with the strongest protest to the public. These attacks continued until 2006, until the road was not officially presented as the object of the natural heritage of Latin America. It shocked many, because a simple city street was first awarded a similar title. Of course, in the world there are many places that can boast of green spaces. But this street is marked by enormous trees, many flowers and immense beds.

The most green light Gonçalo de Kovalam 4

From the street, Gonçalo de Kovalev looks beautiful green tunnel, and the road itself is not visible under the thick canopy of tropical trees. Here, in the kingdom of moss and vines parked on the side of the road cars look completely out of place, and when they are reminded that you are not in the rainforest, and in a crowded city.

The most green light Gonçalo de Kovalam 5

Here, right in the trees, home to a large colony of monkeys. They get along wonderfully in the urban environment and delight passers-by and tourists with its light-hearted view. Not only the street, but the whole city is the most beautiful and green country. It is noteworthy that considerable efforts during the building managed to keep all the old trees, and the streets and houses perfectly fit into the natural landscape.