The top of Mount Washington

Today, the top of Mount Washington, the highest in the northeast region of the US. That is, its height is 1917 meters. She is very beautiful, but the weather on top is not always predictable, because the climb up is very dangerous. The name of the mountain was in honor of the fact that it is located on the northern latitudes of the Western Hemisphere.

The top of Mount Washington 2

For some time, the top of the mountain held an unusual record for wind speed. That is, the wind force was 103.3 meters per second. Because in ancient times, mountain called Agiokochuk, which translated means «home of the great spirit.» For the first time this mountain could rise Derby Field, it was in 1642. Mount can rise only at a time when there are strong wind and frost. Because on top of the mountain rises funicular that gives curious tourists up.

The top of Mount Washington 3

One can only conclude that in order to get on the mountain, you have to be not only professional, but also extremists, who fears nothing. The strongest wind flow was recorded in 1934 and amounted to 372 kilometers per hour. This figure is extremely high and dangerous for anyone who gets into the flow. The equipment which stands on top, can withstand wind speed of 500 kilometers per hour.

The top of Mount Washington 4

Especially this Mount Washington not only attracts curious tourists, but also artists. There are several unique paintings, which were painted in the 18th century and early 19th century. These pictures went around the world, and the largest collection of paintings is in Hampton Court. There are also many songs composed about this mountain.

The top of Mount Washington 5

The most popular mountain in the United States, was the reason for composing symphonies at number 64, which in 1990 wrote the American composer Alan Hovaness. He is not just composed a beautiful song, but also dared to climb to the top. At first glance, it seems that to climb the mountain is quite real, but believe me, it is very difficult if you do not have the skill. So be very careful and vigilant, and you can see the beauty and the part.