London dungeon

London is remarkable not only because it is the capital of the UK, and it has a queen, but also a lot of unexplored historical values. For example, in London there is a hill called Old Hill, which were discovered tunnels system London Dungeon, which, as it turned out, more than 2000 thousand years. According to historical records, the first tunnel, which was dug here, belongs to the druids, who at that time, or rather in the 1st century AD.

London dungeon 2

They fled from the Romans who invaded their territory. When was the First and Second World War, are stored ammunition. And it turns out that at that time, these tunnels have become the place to which the British helped many survive. That is to say, this place was like a bomb shelter and it could justify itself.

London dungeon 3

Some people think this place is the worst of all, that there is at the moment in Europe. Now, these caves hold mass tours where you can see a lot of terrible, but the queue is always great. Once you enter the cave, it becomes terrible as the tourists show the slums of the 16th century, along with the rats. Also, for history is graphically displayed the execution of those times, torture, and other terrible facts of the time.

London dungeon 4

Also, not for the faint of heart, you can watch the picture of the fire, which was once in London. Of course this is only the remains, but they are appalling. Furthermore, such rides that person may send «Hell» were created in these caves. It’s so terrible, what’s different this place is not called. To do all this, the creators had to spend not only a lot of money, but also time. After all, the location was chosen the most unusual of all, that there is in London.

London dungeon 5

The worst thing is, probably, the actors, which can be found somewhere in the cave. In general, the creators of such wonderful caves, we can say tried to glory, because of this «attraction of fear» you’re nowhere yet not see. And once again, this place is not for people who have weak nerves. That is, to come here, nobody forbids, but none of your feelings is not responsible.