Adventure Island – park Islands of Adventure

US every time we are encouraged by all the new and unusual attractions. Here and now distinguished park Islands of Adventure, which means the island of adventure. He invented and brought to life this park, Steven Spielberg himself. The idea was that everyone who has come here, could plunge into the world of science fiction and mysteries. There are many unique attractions that are popular not only the youngest, but even adults.

Adventure Island park Islands of Adventure 2

For example, such an attraction as «Spider-Man». You are given points, which shows a three-dimensional image. You find yourself in the role is Spider-Man, which climbs to the tops of houses, etc.

Adventure Island park Islands of Adventure 3

Especially children love this attraction Toon Lagoon. Here you can see more than 150 characters of your favorite cartoons, etc. Especially like Jurassic Park, where you can meet dinosaurs and all the reptiles that lived in prehistoric times. And that’s not all the surprises that await you in this park, but the idea of the park itself is fully justified and does not leave anyone indifferent.

Adventure Island park Islands of Adventure 4

The park Islands of Adventure, everyone will find for yourself something new and fantastic. Yet there was no such visitor who would leave here unhappy. The park is huge and only 80 000 square meters of a village wizards Hogwarts magic school, etc. to get into the park, you will need to shell out just $ 85. You agree that such a park, it’s not so expensive, even more so that you can stay in it all day and do almost anything that comes to mind.

Adventure Island park Islands of Adventure 5

Park opened in 1999 and already in the first decade, was able to win a decent rank among similar institutions. Still, unlike in this park is, and that’s what it is, you have to know yourself. It is interesting not only for you as for an adult, but also for your children, who must understand the world from the inside stories. Only Islands of Adventure gives you a unique opportunity.