Kakohii mounds

In the name of the ancient settlement called Kakohii Indians, which is located near the Illinois. Archaeologists believe that the town appeared around the year 650. The structure of city constructions quite difficult – this fact proves that there existed a developed society. It is assumed that at the time of flowering in this city could accommodate more than 40 thousand people.

Kakohii mounds 2

It is noteworthy that before the arrival of Europeans in America, it was one of the most densely populated places in America. The Indians left the area around 1400go year. Still, the main attraction are considered Kakohii mounds. They are located on a plot of about 2200 acres, and the number of embankments exceeds 120. To create mounds Indians had to move to the city in baskets of about 50 million. Cubic feet of earth.

Kakohii mounds 3

Historians believe that all this ancient structure was created for the people living in them and holding mass meetings. Here, in the mounds, burial held the rulers. No less interesting is the fact that the city terraces network has been established. Archaeologists suggest that at the very top of the system located some important buildings, such as the rulers of the house.

Kakohii mounds 4

During the excavations in the city of the solar calendar, called Woodhenge was discovered. This calendar, under assumptions, carried out a very important function, not only astrology, but also religious. With this calendar, the Indians celebrated solstices and equinoxes. Still, the researchers suggest that the mounds concealed some mystery.

Kakohii mounds 5

Apparently, the Kakohii community and it remained unexplored until the end and still continue to appear new information about them. Especially interesting is the fact that the Indians suddenly abandoned their city. Scientists are interested in and then, a modern American tribe can be considered as their descendants and heirs. Scientists believe that the reason for leaving the city could be abrupt climate change, some cataclysm or drought. Native Americans believe that Kakohii is a sacred place and there is quite a strong source of energy.