World Mount Roraima

Probably many of us repeatedly as a child reread this creation, the famous Arthur Conan Doyle, his novel «The Lost World» which in addition to a fascinating fantasy we enjoyed a magnificent description of not less fantastic nature. However, few of us reread this novel line, I wondered where Conan Doyle took a description of the nature and the very fantastic idea incredible adventures of his characters.

World Mount Roraima 2

But it looks a bit prosaic in life. Traveling on the northern part of South America, the future famous writer – fiction was struck by the beauty and originality of the so-called mesas tepuis, which by virtue of its geological structure characterized not only by almost sheer cliffs outside, but also the structure of their flat tops. And one of these mountains, which caught the imagination of the writer, was a mountain of Roraima (Roraima), which rises to a height of just over 2,700 meters above sea level, and its flat top as a whole is about 34 square kilometers. This is where, on this almost inaccessible top and could be preserved to our days of prehistoric animals that, in spite of the climatic disasters, could survive to the present day.

World Mount Roraima 3

No less remarkable aspect of this natural wonder is its geographical location. Mountain range of Roraima is located not only at the border of three fairly large countries in the region, namely Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. It is at the base of Roraima, originated in South America, such as the river Orinoco, Amazon and Essequibo.

World Mount Roraima 4

It is worth noting, and a fact that almost constantly hanging over the top of Roraima is quite thick, snow-white cloudiness, which gives it even more exotic mountains on the background of falling from the very top of the mountain waterfalls. Although the mountain itself Roraima was discovered and described by the German naturalist Robert Schomburgk back in 1835, but to conquer its summit was not possible for many fifty years. And could this British scholar Everard Turnu and Harry Perkins only in 1884.

World Mount Roraima 5

When they did not only overcome impassable thickets along the river bed and Essequibo rivers Potaro, but almost impassable ascent along the waterfall Kaetura drop down from the summit of Roraima. Only the presence of modern at the time of climbing equipment has allowed not only to conquer Everard Turnu and Harry Perkins almost sheer cliffs of Roraima, but also describe the unique ecological system untouched by external factors for many millennia.