Lost Machu Picchu city

Machu Picchu is one of the most visited cities in Peru and throughout Latin America. This is not surprising, because this mysterious Inca city attracts with its mystery, beauty and extraordinary ancient architecture. American professor-archaeologist Hiram Bingham, fascinated by legends of the ancient Inca city spent many years in search of the «heavenly city». According to legend, the way Bingham have an Indian boy, for which he received a coin from the archaeologist.

Lost Machu Picchu city 2

Surprisingly, after the discovery of Hiram Bingham of this mysterious city, for three decades, Machu Picchu has not visited any researcher who is a fluke artist archaeologists stumbled upon the overgrown and almost indiscernible path leading through the valley to the city. Close to Machu Picchu is a young mountain – Huayna Picchu. By giving, in her relief can see the silhouette of the guardian of the mountain. guardian gaze directed at the sky, far away are clearly visible features of his face, large nose, lips and chin.

Lost Machu Picchu city 3

The entire old city is divided into sectors: residential sector, cemetery, warehouses and churches. In the center of town is a religious center, called the Sacred Area. Facilities at Machu Picchu is impossible not to be called a truly great work of talented artists-painters of the time.

Lost Machu Picchu city 4

Machu Picchu inhabited only one thousand of the Incas. Not everyone had the right to walk on the mountain, this right had just elected. These include the higher nobility, priestesses and his entourage, craftsmen and women who gave their lives for the service of God, called mamakunas. In 1532 after the disappearance of all the inhabitants of the old mountain was empty.

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In 2007, Machu Picchu was included in the new list of the seven wonders of the world, which attracted a huge influx of tourists to this region. In this regard, the government was forced to reduce the number of visitors to 2,500 a day. In order to make the ascent up the mountain, you need to take their turn in the early morning. Getting to Machu Picchu can be only one way: first to enter the city of Cusco, from there to get to the nearest hill to the old village – Aguas Calientes.