Eternal Flame Falls in Buffalo

On the territory of the world quite natural wonders, to approach that, not paying attention to their undeniable beauty, though not advised. The unique magnet for tourists to admire them, while nearby, more often unrealistic, are colored geysers, hushed volcanoes and hot springs on the mountain tops. Fortunately, there are natural phenomena, to see who would be not difficult, you just have to wish it.
Eternal Flame Falls in Buffalo 2

For example, to get the desired visa to America and went to see the sights, and skyscrapers of New York, can be a unique waterfall in the Eternal Fire. Where is the name of a poetic nature? This place really has lit the «eternal» fire, the secret of which will be discussed.
Eternal Flame Falls in Buffalo 3

Approximately twenty-five kilometers to the south side of Buffalo, the second largest city of the State of New York, is a park Chestnut Ridge, which translated means «Chestnut Park». The name he was given because of the chestnuts in a large number of growing on the surface of the hills in this area. In addition to the trees there can be seen a large number of rocks and streams, the formation of which is derived from oil shale, which are sedimentary rocks that give the landscape is quite picturesque character. Eternal Flame Falls is a waterfall, inside which there is a regular fire, is considered the main attraction in the park.
Eternal Flame Falls in Buffalo 4

Eternal Flame Falls cascades from a height of a little less than ten meters. Streams of water are not of very large caves in the rocks, where there are some faults with leakage of natural gas. One of these caves is a reliable protection against wind and water, as a result of the flame with a height of about fifteen centimeters lit here all the time.
Eternal Flame Falls in Buffalo 5

In fact, the fire inside the waterfall there, yet extinguished, but the tourists are lit it again. As a result, it may have only one place on the planet where there is a real fire that burns forever. In the park there are a few such cracks with leakage of gas, but they are of small size, so they are more difficult to ignite, and they instantly become extinct.