Cypress forest in Texas

Probably all noticed that when I start talking about America, it is often referred to Texas. I would say that about this administrative unit of the United States heard more often than others. This is probably due to the fact that the state is on the second place in the occupied area, and the second — of course, diverse nature.
Cypress forest in Texas 2

One of the places, which shows all the natural beauty of this state — Caddo Lake. It is located on the border of Texas and Louisiana. The fame of this reserve was due to cypress forest is the largest on the planet. There are mainly trees around the age of one hundred years, but there are trees and older — about seven hundred years.
Cypress forest in Texas 3

An interesting fact is the appearance of the reserve. First of all, I must say that it is formed naturally. Well and further as they say, «there would be no happiness, so in disguise.» River Red River, where the water and filled the lake, constantly swept a lot of river debris, he then became the main cause of congestion as a result of which the lake was formed. Then work began beavers, they were here very much. They immediately began to construct of logs and debris dam and after a while these dams have blocked completely for the river. Thus, it has turned the lake with a unique fauna.
Cypress forest in Texas 4

Indescribable feeling filled with visitors of the lake, because it is very small and it is unlikely there will be found a place deeper than one meter. This little depth makes it possible to cover the surface of all kinds of vegetation, this water lilies and duckweed, and Indian lotus. If you look at the lake from a distance, it can be assumed that this is just a swamp, but nearer to the eye, it appears clean, clear water, filled with the aroma of herbs.
Cypress forest in Texas 5

Walking along the lake, you can see the variety of vegetation. But the most important among such a variety of plants, of course, it is a cypress, or rather the «bald cypress». This type of cypress trees is different from their counterparts growing on land that it refers to deciduous trees and leaves in the winter resets. For this, and got its name — bald. The most interesting to look at the cypresses at the end of October to November. During this period, they change color, giving Cypress forest indescribable beauty.