Chullpa Towers in Sillustani

It is no secret that South America is very rich historical heritage. Here you can find a lot of cultural and architectural heritage. Most of them are unique and interesting, both specialists and tourists. After all, most of them goes back many centuries and even thousands of years from the date of construction.
Chullpa Towers in Sillustani 2

One of these monuments are the Chullpa Towers in Sillustani. Are they in the Republic of Peru, near the city of Puno, near the shores of Lake Titicaca. Scientists believe that this is a funerary complex Aymara people. Where were buried mostly notable and noble person at the time. We must pay tribute to the builders of the towers, because most of them thousands of years, and have survived in fairly good condition. Even given the fact that searchers values blew their dynamite.
Chullpa Towers in Sillustani 3

There will be no secret that such Chullpy (towers) exist throughout the Altiplano, in Bolivia and Peru. But the best known Chullpy in Sillustani. The towers have different heights, however, the highest grave has a height in the range of twelve meters. Due to the fact that all the buildings are the graves — the scientists decided to examine the relationship between ritual and chullpami trails in the area of Nevado Sajama, and sought to identify and explore all kinds of patterns among the towers.
Chullpa Towers in Sillustani 4

Studying the interior layout of the tower, archaeologists have found the remains tend to lie in the fetal position, it is obvious that the ancestors wanted to show the rebirth of the deceased. Thus, preaching immortality. Next to the dead were placed accessories that he used during his lifetime, as well as clothes and even tools.
Chullpa Towers in Sillustani 5

Upon further study of the burial complex, it was also found that in the main entrance to the chullpam located on the side of sunrise, that is to the east. It was also observed that different ethnic differences were seemingly tower. For example, in the northern part of the Altiplano, they were built of stone and were round. And in the southern part of the tower built of rectangular shape and adobe.