Sigiriya is an ancient city in Sri Lanka

Traveling the world, you notice that the islands have a lot of interesting things. And such that the mainland can not meet. This is probably due to the fact that as it was not there, and the island is still more isolated from external influences, including on culture and architecture. That, of course, is reflected in the customs and traditions of the peoples inhabiting the island.

Sigiriya is an ancient city in Sri Lanka 2

About one of the islands now will be discussed — this island of Sri Lanka. Tourists who have visited here, note the wealth of monuments, visiting who get excited. One of these monuments in Sri Lanka have Sigiriya, which translates as «lion rock». This name is Rock had not in vain, because it has been hollowed out figure of a lion, though today only preserved intact paws.
Sigiriya is an ancient city in Sri Lanka 3

Sigiriya is located in the heart of Sri Lanka, on the rocky plateau, which rises above the plain in the three hundred and seventy meters. This unique monument of architecture and culture is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site back in nineteen eighty-second year. This masterpiece made by people in ancient times, hardly anyone indifferent.
Sigiriya is an ancient city in Sri Lanka 4

As the very first strikes the eye when visiting Sigiriya? The first thing to note — this is the monument of ancient architecture is very well preserved. But it leaves the base date in the first half of the first millennium. But now, there are still numerous frescoes in the so-called mirror-paneled hall of china. Frescoes area has a size of 140 m. Long and forty meters in height. This masterpiece is clearly claims to be the largest painting in the world.
Sigiriya is an ancient city in Sri Lanka 5

There is a legend that tells who was the founder of this city rocks, and why rock has become a place of urban planning. It all started with the fact that the heir to the throne became Moggallana, and his older brother Caçapa did not want to put up with it and decided to seize power. Kasap walled father alive, but managed to escape Moggallana. It is the fear Caçapa before his younger brother and forced him to create an impregnable fortress town in the rock.