Stone wave

When we hear a phrase like a stone wave, we do not take it seriously, because it seems to us that this simply can not be. But as it turns out, and in Australia and the United States have a truly unique and fascinating stone waves.Stone wave 2

Over these waves the sculptor tried not to, but Mother Nature herself. This wave, which is on the US borders between Arizona and Utah call it The Wave or Wave Rock. The height of a wave today reaches 14 meters in height and length greater than 100 meters. This title has received a wave because at this point, very often there are concerts and festivals underground music. For local Aboriginal people who live in this area, this place is sacred. If people come here to conquer the real waves, they simply can only envy, because they of such a wave can only dream.
Stone wave 3

Of course, many may wonder how could form such an unusual stone waves. A formation of this structure was sufficiently slow process, since it is accompanied by, in the beginning, mild elution using granite rain. That is, the water that came under a layer of earth, just trying to find their way through the soil and thus, dropping the rock, formed such amazing pictures. And everyone who sees this wave, feeling the power of her beauty and at the same time.
Stone wave 4

Of course, this process is not one year has passed, in order to form such historical value, it took more than a million years, if not more. If you ever find yourself in this place, do not rush to leave him, because during the day, the stone waves changes its color. That is, the band can be red, yellow and even gray, is a magnificent spectacle that will not leave anyone indifferent.
Stone wave 5

In order for this not to destroy the beauty of the weather, there was built a special dam, which protects not only the rain but also from other precipitation. Now the rain that falls on the surface, finds a different way, that is because of the dam, the water flows into the reservoir, which in turn is next to the rock. It is necessary not only to protect the stone waves, but also because it is a constant shortage of water. Skip to such a spectacle a sin, because an urgent need to gather in a way to once again see how beautifully nature tried, without even knowing it.