Maze corn in Lasalle

It’s amazing how hard times for one family may lead to the fact that they will create something unique. Family Fritslerov, due to the fact that they were constantly in debt and with little or no money with the help of a friend, decided to create a maze. And the maze is not easy, but with the help of corn they planted each year at the farm.

Maze corn in Lasalle 2

The first maze, they have created, appeared in 2000, and as it turned out, it was an excellent investment. Now their farm visits huge number of people. But the farm is open, only seven weeks, and only in the autumn months. What’s interesting is that these mazes are created every year in different ways, so that the image and, if you look from above, too, are different.

Maze corn in Lasalle 3

If you want to go through this maze, we recommend that you take with food. Since this can you take enough time. No one can guarantee you that you will pass this route quickly or slowly. In general, the maze is an entertaining thing everyone wants to try himself in the role of tester.

Maze corn in Lasalle 4

It would be necessary, and to think about what it is that attracts tourists, labyrinths or historical treasures, museums or historical artifacts. After seemingly simple maze corn anything that could, in principle, to draw, and no, it’s even tourists very much.

Maze corn in Lasalle 5

So many ideas, to become not only famous, but also the rich have in our heads, but each of them is feasible. Or are we just afraid that our idea will not like society. After all, if it were that easy, do something and get it not only money, but also fun, probably the world would be much less than people who do not even have enough for bread. Just already tired of every day thinking about what you are missing out on life and change nothing you can.