A little more about Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico a great state, but coming here, tourists often tend to visit the old city of San Juan. The city is the oldest in the United States, and it was founded by none other than the Europeans. More precisely, the founder was Juan Ponce de Leon in 1508.

A little more about Puerto Rico 2

But is not the one who started it, but the fact that when you come here, the tour of the city, this is a very important thing, but it’s worth to see the fortress of San Felipe del Morro. It was built on the orders of the King of Spain Carlos V, it was in 1539. Build a fortress for a long time, about 200 years old, if not more, that is, the construction began in 1539 and ended only in 1787. During this time, the fort could withstand the huge number of attacks. That is, it was the pirate Francis Drake, also attacked the Dutch fleet in 1625, etc. But the fort proved himself perfectly and was able to hold out.

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Although in the beginning, it was a normal port, which was the harbor of the city of San Juan. It has, of course, a very long time, yet still failed to capture the US San Juan, and it was in 1898. But it is also important that the capture of the city, the Americans were able to contribute their share in this fortress. That is, they have built bunkers, have created a unique lighthouse, as well as a station that monitors the submarines. Today, the fort is completely abandoned by the military and now it’s just a museum that everyone can attend.

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The only downside is that to get to town and back, you need a very long wait for the bus, because they go there probably once an hour. It is not very convenient because of the heat. That is, it is very hot and does not help anything, and wait for the bus at the bus stop, it’s just hard labor. Probably the only way to wait for him, so it is to know in advance the approximate time of his arrival.

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In general, this is a great place that rich history. Here, every piece of land is about what happened here in the distant historical times. After visiting this city, no one can remain indifferent, even though the fact that it is very hot.