Choquequirao is a lost City

His popularity Chokakirao, as well as the more famous places in Peru Machu Picchu, is obliged to his amazing stories. In fact, until 1834, Chokakirao was absolutely not known to a wide audience, and not only for ordinary travelers and adventurous, but also more serious students of ancient history of Peru.

Choquequirao is a lost City 2

In 1834 the French Comte de Sartizha, making his way through impassable thickets of mountain ridges of the Andes, reached the ruins of the city in search of the legendary treasure of the formidable ruler Manco Inca this region. However, despite the failure of this kind of expedition, and the absence of a valuable prize in Choquequirao reached a whole string of hunters.

Choquequirao is a lost City 3

In 1847, a similar mission to the mysterious city of treasures visited another Frenchman, Monsieur Angran. Which is also found fabulous treasures of Manco Inca. However, as a human being observant, he spent quite careful measurements of the ruins of the city and noticed a few stone rings embedded in the wall of one of the rather long houses located on the central square of Choquequirao. Their purpose and today remains a mystery.

Choquequirao is a lost City 4

After that, almost half a century, interest in the ruins of a little subsided, until the first decades of the twentieth century, when the prefect of the neighboring province of Apurimac Choquequirao, gathered quite an impressive expedition for the same purpose, namely the search for ultimate treasure. However, this attempt, like everyone else, over the lack of desired results. A single researcher, who visited the city and reached Choquequirao goal was a young American Hiram Bingham.

Choquequirao is a lost City 5

Reaching in 1909 a treasured city, he spent a few days doing sketching and photographing the ruins of the city. So if you have a certain desire and opportunity to repeat the path discoverers Choquequirao, then get to Lima, you can easily buy a tour to this mysterious city and to this day keeps secrets of Manco Inca treasures.