Water desert Lencois Maranenses

Did you know that deserts are not just lifeless and very dry, but water. In Brazil, there is the National Park Lençóis Maranenses, which in fact is a large desert. This is an amazing place, not like for anything. Beautiful dazzling white sand dunes framed by the fresh water lagoon. This is a unique place.

Water desert Lencois Maranenses 2

Desert Lencois Maranenses differs from others in that it receive higher rainfall because of that, and formed a deep lagoon, the water that is crystal clear. During a drought, they completely evaporate and dry out, becoming lifeless. During this period, the desert looks like a desert.

Water desert Lencois Maranenses 3

When the rainy season begins, the desert comes to life and is filled with new colors. Re-filled lagoons take its many inhabitants, it is not only fish, but also clams and even turtles. In the mangroves appear golden hares, deer, caimans. Still do not know exactly where, after a severe drought there so many animals. But scientists believe that the eggs of crabs and fish can be kept for a long time in the sand in a viable state and wait so desired moisture.

Water desert Lencois Maranenses 4

The return of the rainy season are expected not only animals, but also people, residents of small settlements located in the desert. Local residents in drought mainly engaged in animal husbandry.

Water desert Lencois Maranenses 5

Unusual desert attracts the attention of not only scientists, but also many tourists who want to dive into the blue waters of the lagoon. The beauty of this desert is often called the ethereal, which is not surprising. After all, for such a short time, she transformed almost beyond recognition. This is a really unique place. National Park Lencois Maranhenses destroys representations that develop in people of the desert.25