Purnululu National Park or interesting places in Australia


For that category of the population of our planet, who believe that there is simply no unexplored places and territory in its vast space, as an example of refuting this opinion, we refer all comers to such interesting places in Australia as Purnululu National Park.

Interesting places in Australia or millions of years of oblivion

Purnululu National Park or interesting places in Australia 2

The above headline is not an anachronism in modern human history. After all, such interesting places in Australia as the Purnululu National Park became the property of the world community almost no time ago, namely in 1982. At the same time, it should be noted that in this geographical discovery the «chance of it» played a not unimportant role, when a group of Australian documentalists on a helicopter went off to shoot another plot about the Kimberley Plateau, where, as we know, the famous Kimberlite pipe is filled with diamonds.

But by chance, the pilot of the helicopter changed the habitual route somewhat and guided his helicopter not through the desert part of the plateau, but through a small mountain range called the Bungle Bungle Range. So many of Australia’s attractions have been replenished with another artifact as a small mountain range consisting of a rather ancient sandstone, which, thanks to erosion and the presence in it of an increased content of iron and manganese oxides, stands out among similar creatures of nature by its shape and color.

Purnululu National Park or interesting places in Australia 3

In addition, eyewitnesses of this miracle of nature note quite interesting longitudinal stripes of dark green color periodically located on the general bright orange background of sand. Some researchers of this unique object of Australian nature believe that these are the remains of prehistoric algae, approximately related to the Devonian period. However, this theory does not yet have a more rigorous scientific justification than the conclusions of several enthusiasts of the study of this phenomenon of nature.

But from this information shortage, neither Australia, nor the whole scientific world, somehow did not lose. Australia has another regular object of idle contemplation for a moderate fee, and the world science has got one more opportunity to do more than one doctoral thesis on this phenomenon, or maybe get a Nobel Prize in the field of petrology, science of rocks. And if you have one of these two desires, then …

Purnululu National Park or interesting places in Australia 4

How to get to Purnululu National Park

The nearest settlements to the Purnululu National Park and naturally to the Bungle Bungle Range are Kununurra (160 km) and Holz Creek (100 km). The road connecting these settlements and the ultimate goal of our voyage is known as the 4WD, quite bearable quality.