Half-Moon Kay. Resorts of America


Many of our fellow citizens had the happiness to go on vacation in different countries, so you will not be surprised by European and Asian resorts. Well, it’s time to discover the resorts of America, with their features and gimmicks. Everything new always attracts the most.

Something like the resorts of America

Half Moon Kay. Resorts of America 2

In view of the fact that the cost of travel and sea cruise for many of us remain «unaffordable», we propose to make a virtual trip to the new shores of a completely different continent. So, the resorts of America, or rather the uniquely stunning island of Half Moon Kay, which today in Belize is recognized as a natural monument. The present coral island belongs to the Bahamas, it is surrounded by Lighthouse reefs. For fans of geographical wonders it is worth noting that our landmark is located near the world-famous Big Blue Hole.

Half Moon Co

You can describe the unusual flora and fauna of the coral island Half Moon-Kay for a long time, only the fact that in 1996 it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List is more eloquent than all other epithets. In the indicated list, the island entered the complex with the Belize barrier reef in the form of one of its reserves.

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This island will be interesting, first of all, to eco-tourists and divers. Not for nothing that the Belize barrier reef belongs to the TOP-5 of the most beautiful reefs of our planet. In addition, tourism in these regions will bring you a lot of aesthetic and cognitive pleasure, because on the island everything is a pristine nature, there is nothing to remind here of the presence of a person (the lighthouse does not count). On this part of the reef are found, only imagine 120 species of all kinds of birds, including such unique birds as the frigate magnificent and red-footed boobies.

How to get to the pristine beauty

It is noteworthy that on the island of Half Moon-Kay there are no hotels or hotels with the slightest civilized conditions. Sea voyage is offered here almost all the major hotels of Belize City. If you want to spend a romantic evening and spend the night on the island, we strongly recommend taking with you everything you want to enjoy in a picturesque setting.

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Fine and soft as white sand flour, clear clear water and a unique nature without the presence of a human factor is the real embodiment of paradise on earth, however, if your yacht has all the products you need.