How to organize a wedding in the Dominican Republic

Play a wedding in the Dominican Republic — what could be more romantic? Wild tropical vegetation, endless beaches with snow-white sand, gentle sea surf and a loved one nearby. This island state has in its history many beautiful and chilling pages, streets of Dominican cities trampled pirate boots, and Spanish galleons moored at ports.

The rich past and now glimpses through the walls of ancient mansions, luxurious quarters and poor hovels.

How to organize a wedding in the Dominican Republic 2

To plunge into the charm and charm of the past and feel like a hero of many romantic stories, where blood and love, passion and hatred, courage and fidelity are mixed, is possible only in the Dominican Republic. This country is considered a cult place for weddings among newlyweds of the whole civilized world. A wedding in the Dominican Republic is not an easy task if professionals are engaged in it. The service for organizing marriages in this tropical paradise is offered by TripicalWed, which has been successfully operating in the market for many years.

Specialists of the company will take all the trouble to organize the celebration on their shoulders. Newlyweds will only need to decide on the venue, the type of ceremony and other important subtleties. The order for the wedding can be made online before arrival or by phone already upon arrival in the country. Book a ceremony better in advance — the schedule of celebrations is painted literally on days, so it’s not easy to find a free window in a tight schedule of weddings for managers.

How to organize a wedding in the Dominican Republic 3

The advantage of ordering this extraordinary service from TropicalWed is the fact that the company operates legally and lawfully, is a resident of the Dominican Republic, and also has all the necessary licenses for wedding ceremonies and photo sessions. The cost of the ceremony is comparable, and sometimes even lower than in large Russian cities — an exclusive set of services Tropikalved can offer a pair with any budget.

You can pay the ceremony directly on the day of the ceremony. An exception is the booking of an exact date — for this service the company will require an advance payment of $ 100. You can contact TropicalWed representatives by phone, via Internet messengers, social networks or e-mail. You can fill out the application directly on the company’s website. Having chosen the type of ceremony and the place of its holding, the newlyweds can enjoy rest, providing all other troubles for specialists.