Heavenly walk or Skywalk observation platform

Arriving in the United States you never wanted to see anything unusual, except parks and museums? Probably I would love, and so, we offer you a great place to visit, such as the Grand Canyon. Since especially for tourists, there is created a viewing platform, and now everyone can enjoy the beautiful view.

Heavenly walk or Skywalk observation platform 2

The observation deck was built at a height of not less than 1450 meters and it is interesting that when you climb on it, it gives the impression that you stand right on the precipice. And all because the platform itself is transparent. And plus to this, it looks like a horseshoe, and what would it mean?

Heavenly walk or Skywalk observation platform 3

The distance between the canyon and the area varies from 150 meters to 240 meters. The discovery of the site was in 2007 and it was called Skywalk, which means «Sky Walk». Construction site cost the government 31 million dollars. Currently, the Grand Canyon comes a lot of tourists, that is, it is now the best known place, which is in the United States. Today, the Grand Canyon is the deepest canyon in the world.

Heavenly walk or Skywalk observation platform 4

To ensure that you do not worry, we will say that, on the production of this area is very well tried. It is made of the most durable and laminated glass. The load, which is calculated on the glass is 70 tons, but still, at the site can not be more than 120 people. This is done only for safety and nothing more. It is better to once again be safe than to be any consequences.

Heavenly walk or Skywalk observation platform 5

Also, in order to ground it was not scratched, visitors give special slippers. After all, glass, whatever it was solid, fragile and damage from small, there may be a lot of damage. Beautiful view – is the dream of everyone who appreciates the beauty of the mountains, rivers, and other attractions. I think it’s worth noting that comparing different viewing platforms – that is, as something special …