Little House Dee Williams

Small homes are often associated with low incomes or poverty of their hosts. Alas, it not always is a little cheaper. The same principle also applies to the price of a house or apartment.

Little House Dee Williams 2

Confirmation of this Dee Williams. She, after a trip to Guatemala has completely changed not only his world, but also a way and style of life. This resident of Olympia in Washington state after returning home from a trip and immediately put his house, with a total area of over 140 square meters, for sale.

Little House Dee Williams 3

Instead, the woman was purchased a house area of just over 7 square meters. This extremely compact, but comfortable house on wheels cost a woman is quite expensive at 10 000 dollars. As noted by the woman, her «little house» is its pride is quite convenient, compact and easy to maintain. This is a lovely house in the backyard of a young man Dee, allowing it not to worry about paying rent.

Little House Dee Williams 4

It is noteworthy that about Dee Williams, which replaced a huge apartment on the house, almost 20 times less than the area quite quickly learned and offered to buy her property for 280 000 dollars. From the transaction woman he refused, saying it that the house has become a part of her and part with him she did not intend.

Little House Dee Williams 5

These small, but quite comfortable home is not a rarity in America, but decides to purchase them only a few. Unfortunately, people find it very difficult to give up the benefits bestowed huge apartment and cease to strive to have as much as possible, not realizing that a small but well-formed and designed building can be convenient and inexpensive.