The tiny house in New Haven

Every year the number of people on the planet is greatly increased. This led to the fact that the housing problem is now has a special significance. Alas, few would agree to explore the extreme, but the free heath and strive to live in already overcrowded cities, but with the necessary creature comforts.

The tiny house in New Haven 2

As a result, in recent years, it was noted in the construction of two tendencies, namely build as possible and as much as possible to save the living space. This led to what is now the average citizen lives in a more confined space than, say, 50 years ago. But trying to put everything you need at a minimum size of the apartment. For some, it turns out, do it quite successfully, even in tiny house.

The tiny house in New Haven 3

An example of such people is Tarnbal Elizabeth, a student at Yale University, who lives in the city of New Haven. This girl abandoned life in the dormitory of the University and decided to build its alternative, environmentally friendly house. Of course, the house has turned a tiny, only 13 square meters, but it is not a bit embarrassed hostess. As noted by the girl in the house has everything you need for a comfortable life and absolutely nothing more.

The tiny house in New Haven 4

Moreover, as she wanted, when building a house used only environmentally friendly technology, and only recycled materials. All this was done for a reason, because Elizabeth is a student of the Faculty of Forestry and Environment, and actively fighting for the purity of nature.

The tiny house in New Haven 5

Examples of such apartments and houses make it clear that to achieve the desired comfort and convenience does not necessarily have a huge apartment with many rooms, but rather a good plan and capable architect.