Top-10 best hotels in the world

Each of us comes to know the world only in comparison and choose between different options. It can be a part in the festival, a contest or other competition. The same situation we have in a hotel business, and during the several days the special medal is awarded for the outstanding achievements. Not so long ago, in 2013 a competition was held where the best hotels of a premium class were selected. The main criterion for determining the winner was the quality of the service. The competition was not easy to win, because the representatives from more than 80 countries participated there.

Top-10 best hotels in the world 1

1. One of the winners is located in Thailand and it has got a title « the best resort». Here you can easily stroll along the jungles play croquet, fish, etc. The hotel provides 56 rooms.

Top-10 best hotels in the world 2

2. Also, there was other nomination, call « the best view». The first place took a hotel The Torch Doha with the view on Doha. The hotel is located on the territory of sport complex and therefore provides the best option for your holidays. There’re 318 rooms in the hotel.

Top-10 best hotels in the world 3

3. Al Jasra Boutique Hotel became the hotel with the best design and interior. Except the excellent harmony, it’s also very comfortable. If you want to reach this hotel, you need to get to the centre of the capital of Qatar. The hotel is not big and provides only 22 rooms, nevertheless it’s very comfortable.

Top-10 best hotels in the world 4

4. Hut-hotels were not forgotten too. Especially, the one, which is located in Masai Mara national reserve. Apart from the rest, you can try African cuisine, drink natural coffee and smoke brand cigarettes.

Top-10 best hotels in the world 5

5. If you like golf, you should visit a special hotel, awarded as the best hotel for playing golf. It’s interesting, that the hotel is situated on top of rock and is called Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort. If except for the golf you like spas massages, swimming pools and other interesting procedures, then this hotel is exactly what you need.

Top-10 best hotels in the world 6

6. There is also a beautiful hotel, in Abu Dhabi that is completely located in desert. It’s quite difficult to describe such kind of hotel, because one has to see it with his own eyes. We are sure that you have never seen a hotel, surrounded by the sand.

Top-10 best hotels in the world 7

7. If you want seclude yourself, you need a hotel, which is very far away. To be more precise, on the Koh Yao Yai island, in Thailand.

Top-10 best hotels in the world 8

8. In Ireland, you can visit the countryside hotel Lough Eske Castle. If you decide to go there, you will find yourself in a castle, where real kings lived. It absorbed not only the medieval beauty, but also it is also very comfortable, cozy and you’ll pleasantly spend time there. The service staff does its best, so you could feel great.

Top-10 best hotels in the world 9

9. There is also a lovely hotel on the Maldives. And what’s interesting, that the rooms there look like a mini-villa, so even the most skeptical visitors will be touched by there beauty. Here you can relax and do yoga, fitness, go diving and do other sports. We can say that this hotel has everything you and your family need.

Top-10 best hotels in the world 10

0. And one more hotel, located in Thailand, called Indigo Pearl Resort. It’s situated near Nai Yang beach. Only here you will find the best suites.