Club cottage village «Kingdom-Kingdom»

If you want to have a good time and have a rest from the heart, then by all means come to the cottage village called «Kingdom Kingdom». Here are rented luxury apartments, not only for a small, but for a long time. Here it will be comfortable and cozy to relax both in summer and in winter.

Who will suit a cottage village?

The buildings are located in the Leningrad region against the background of a surprisingly beautiful, picturesque nature, which you can admire endlessly. The cottage village welcomes guests. Here you can forget about the city bustle and fully enjoy life among nature. You can come here with the whole family for the weekend.

Club cottage village Kingdom Kingdom 2

Also, young people can arrange an unforgettable vacation here. Enjoy a holiday in this place can be with a company of true friends. In the Kingdom Kingdom, you can also celebrate a birthday, a wedding and other significant dates. All comfort conditions are created here, so that you do not need anything. You will not be reminded of a noisy metropolis. Only the river, fresh air, beautiful nature …

Cost of living

For a luxurious holiday and the fee will be symbolic. What is the rental of the cottage can be found at It is most profitable to rent a house for 6 months, then it will cost you only 290 thousand rubles. If a little less than six months, the cost will increase to 351 thousand rubles. For a weekly stay you will need to pay about 120 thousand rubles. If you rent daily, it is 30 and 35 thousand rubles on weekdays and weekends, respectively. The room rate also includes all the service, so you do not have to think about changing clothes, cleaning, etc. things. You will only enjoy the rest in cozy, modern and quite practical cottages.

Club cottage village Kingdom Kingdom 3

Perfect rest

The journey to «Kingdom Kingdom» will become truly fabulous, if you come here with the whole family for a long time. You will be able to fully enjoy all the delights of rest, forget about daily routine matters, and also breathe fresh air, admire the magnificent landscapes of nature. Modern cottages surround a pine forest, in which there is a pleasant aroma of resin. Green grass with dew, a slight breeze of the wind, a gentle sun — will take you completely into the atmosphere of nature and make you reunite with it. You will forget about all the problems and worries, but will only enjoy, admire and receive vivid emotions.