Hotel Mar Le Mar

Going to rest in Crimea, first of all, it is worthwhile to worry about living in a good hotel, so that all conditions for a good rest were created there. An excellent place is the hotel Mar Le Mar. It is located directly on the sea coast, in the western part of the Crimea.

What rooms does the Mar Le Mar offer?

Hotel Mar Le Mar 2

It is worth noting that this is not one building, but a whole cottage community, which is made according to the latest fashion. Hotel Mar Le Mar offers you spacious 2-storey cottages, each with 8 rooms. For each visitor there must be a room to taste. There are also cozy, small standard rooms with a single-seated settlement, there are also quite large multi-room apartments that are perfect for a company of friends.

Cost of living

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Given that the largest number of tourists is in the holiday season, the hotel Mar Le Mar provides the appropriate prices. Standard single room will cost 7865 rubles and 9440 double. The Junior Suite will cost 12590 rubles for 1-2 people in the room and 14165 rubles for 3 visitors. The price in the suite ranges from 15,740 rubles (1-2 people) to 18,890 rubles (3-4 people). If you book rooms in the quiet season, then depending on the chosen class and the number of people living, the price will be from 5765 to 11540-14690 rubles. Resting in the high season, the price for a room can rise to 20,990 rubles.


This hotel is popular with its incredible nature, which can be seen from the windows. This is perhaps the best place where you can spend not only an unforgettable vacation at sea, but also to receive stunning impressions, vivid emotions from the breathtaking panorama of nature. On the territory of the hotel there are amazing forty-year-old pine trees, in which small cottages simply sink. An incredible coniferous smell mentally takes you to the forest thicket where you can breathe fresh air.

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In addition, rest in Crimea, or rather in this hotel, will be remembered by its own well-equipped beach, swimming pool, bath complex and various sports grounds, gyms for health-improving rest. On the territory there are also 4 bars, where you will be offered a wide variety and delicious cocktails. Delicious lunch you can in a local restaurant, where there are tables by the fireplace, and secluded arbors, and huge banquet halls for various events. During the holiday season, a buffet is served here.