Unrealistic master pieces Erwin Wurm

Many of you have seen in my life artists who have made extraordinary paintings or sculptures. Perhaps not so much in fact, but they are still there and we are trying to show their unusual, and sometimes even whimsical work.

Unrealistic master pieces Erwin Wurm 2

So we can say about the Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. In fact, it is, only an artist but also a photographer, filmmaker and sculptor. Glancing once at his pictures, it becomes clear that his view of the standard things are not quite standard. He was born in 1954 in a small town called Bruck an der Mur, which is in Austria. The life he was quite eventful, as con was curator of many exhibitions, including several times it can be seen in Moscow. That was in 2008 and in 2013. He currently lives and works between Vienna and New York.

Unrealistic master pieces Erwin Wurm 3

His work is very unusual, I can even say non-standard. Well, imagine the sculpture home, just as bloated. As if the house is now swollen and ready to explode. Also bent machines, strange human figures. Some people criticize his work, but not all. Thus, in the form of his sculptures, he expresses his opinions and criticism to society.

Unrealistic master pieces Erwin Wurm 4

Generally, he has become famous after being created is not just a unique and original series of «one-minute sculptures». That is, a series of concerns every person on earth, he would take anyone who came to him and photographed them so unusual that immediately understand such pictures was not easy. The human body becomes part of the sculpture, and the face of simply erased.

Unrealistic master pieces Erwin Wurm 5

Unrealistic masterpieces that people remember for a long time. But. Recall that not everyone is able to understand and accept his vision of the world at the moment. You need to be a little crazy to understand what the author wanted to say on a particular photo.