Exhibits on the island of Nantes

Have you ever heard of an unusual island of Nantes. It is a unique museum-gallery of works of the mind two outstanding geniuses Leonardo da Vinci and Jules Verne. Just two people who love the creativity of these giants of thought and decided to postpone the creation of books in our reality. And to demonstrate to all comers mechanics miracle.

Exhibits on the island of Nantes 2

Why Nantes? The history of the island at least surprising, because it was born Jules Verne. And, according to the creators of this gallery, it is all very much. In the city center in an abandoned shipyard, and they settled. Using the famous recording genius and its true unrestrained imagination, they created a lot of different items, giving them a second life.

Exhibits on the island of Nantes 3

The main feature of the whole ideas is the fact that each of the exhibits can easily move independently. Or even carry in her womb or a «passenger». Some of the creatures walking on the tracks, someone flies on the ropes, and someone crawling through a tube or walks on wheels.

Exhibits on the island of Nantes 4

In addition, in the gallery you can see the newly finished exhibits, you can, if you want to get in the holy of holies – the laboratory, where all the exhibits are developed. The visitors have a unique chance to follow the whole process of assembly and even something to try to make themselves.

Exhibits on the island of Nantes 5

Well, probably the most spectacular and memorable creation of these artifacts – a «elephant Jules Verne.» Its height is 12 meters in height, width 8 meters of it, and the length of 21. Believe me, it’s a lot … It’s not every day you can see. So visit gallery exhibits on the island of Nantes, believe, will be an unforgettable adventure. And not just for kids …