Hill crucifixes at Siauliai. Attraction, faith or idolatry?

Under Shaulyai is unique Hill of Crosses, which is one of the main attractions of Lithuania related to the Christian religion. Hill crucifixes, towering in the middle of the field, lined with several thousands of crosses all kinds of values from the ordinary wooden crosses, reaching a height of several meters to very tiny pectoral cross made of iron. Along this mountain in all directions, go hiking trails.

Hill crucifixes at Siauliai. Attraction faith or idolatry 2

The appearance of the first cross on the mountain is seen in the middle of the XIX century. Initially, through dozens of crosses went on. But already in the 50s of the last century (a century later), crucifixions on the hill already had several thousand. From all this it is curious that the hill has never served as a cemetery. Hill of Crosses in our days visiting pilgrims Catholics and Christians of the Orthodox persuasion.

Hill crucifixes at Siauliai. Attraction faith or idolatry 3

Not far from the Mount of Crosses is tourism information center and souvenir shop. Here you can buy crosses and put them on the mountain. Local legend has it that the one who put on the hill of his cross, his whole life will be successful and happy. Also in the shop you can buy pectoral crosses and amber jewelry.

Hill crucifixes at Siauliai. Attraction faith or idolatry 4

Visit to the Hill of Crosses near Shaulyai best on days when the weather is sunny and windless, but when the rainy and overcast on the Mountain is very scary, because due to gusts of wind swinging crucifix hit against each other and hear heartbreaking grinding, creating a very interesting sound effects.

Hill crucifixes at Siauliai. Attraction faith or idolatry 5

The Hill of Crosses is just around 12 km to the north of the Lithuanian city of Siauliai. To get to the mountains is much easier on your car (if you are traveling by own transport), or you can hire a taxi. Further, from Siauliai is necessary to proceed on the highway A12 (direction of Joniskis – Riga). Seeing an indicator showing the direction of the Hill of Crosses – Kryžių Kalnas 2 km, turn right.