Track Stelvio Pass – Queen zigzags

This incredible road almost on the border with Switzerland is one of the most tortuous in the world. The main location of the height of the road is 2500 meters above sea level. Paved her for a long time, even in 1825. It was then that it became extremely necessary to connect Italy with Lombardy. And before the start of the First World War it was the road and the border with Austria-Hungary.

Track Stelvio Pass Queen zigzags 2

This mountain trail climbs steeply to a height of 2757 meters to the pass of Prato. To achieve it you need to overcome a very steep turns 60 and 50 pins. In addition, the road runs between steep cliffs and deep precipice. Travel on the road is fully open only in the summer, from July to September. And in the winter time here goes another sled transport, sports sled. But even in the summer tour of the Stelvio Pass is exposed to many dangers. The road is covered with dense fog or rain to go, turning the road into a skating rink.

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It is noteworthy that on this the Italian way is the biggest tunnel in the Alps. Of course, the road is not the most dangerous road in the world, but indifferent, it will not leave. All travel agents road described as the most winding and rough road in Europe.

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The road looks like a work of art, but not necessarily need to be very vigilant and careful. The road goes zigzagging over 1500 meters, and then, almost 300 meters of a gentle descent incredibly bent and are fraught with many dangers. This road has claimed many lives, both motorists and lovers of sports riding on a sled.

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Any negligence in this way can cost you dearly. Nevertheless, it is very beautiful road, pleasing the eye with its perfect and beautiful glass shine under the ice. Beauty and perfection of the road makes it a beautiful route in the Andes. To visit here is simply a must if you have decided to travel to Italy, and your path lies in Lombardy.