Paris underground

Beautiful Paris, he is both a city and the capital of France. Paris, probably everyone knows, even if there had never been. The history of Paris is interesting and fascinating, but few people know that the catacombs under the city itself. By themselves, they are not only old and ancient, but also very scary. A history of the emergence of the catacombs are not less terrible. And the thing is that in the 18th century, the city was crowded by people and when people die, they simply had no place to bury.

Paris underground 2

In order to find a way out of this situation, the government adopted an unusual solution. That is under the ground, in the quarries of Paris, created the burial. Since 1785 over one and a half years of about 6 million people in SVEZA dungeon. There transported not only bones, but also the bodies that rot.

Paris underground 3

All this happened during the night, they were transported directly to the carts. Since the underground cemetery was not created, but simply the place where the bodies were brought, then piled the corpses in one pile. The area of the catacombs, to date, is 200 miles of underground branches and paths. And here still lie the bodies of those who were buried in those days. Paris underground visit, but only passed on a small area of people.

Paris underground 4

In order to get into the catacombs, to arrive at the subway station Denfert-Rochereau, and guided by the famous statue of a lion. This is where you will find the entrance. Catacombs daily patrolled the sports team of the police. The purpose of the patrol is to watch people who stray from the route and want to go further, deeper into the catacombs.

Paris underground 5

But recently, more precisely since 1980, the catacombs under threat, as the inland waters were gradually erode the attachment. For untrained people, the catacombs is better not to go down, because, as it can lead to a big shock. Skulls there are so many, but there are also wall decorations, crosses and even mounds. So the history of Paris does not end only one Eiffel Tower, some tourists say.