Statue of Pegasus Smartphone

In 2012, at the Congress of Mobile Communications in Spain, it was presented an unusual statue of Pegasus Smartphone. To witty such a statue, the Chinese designers took neither more nor less, and 3500 smartphones. The statue of a winged horse is 6 meters in height and 5 meters in length. Experts believe that such a structure was created to advertise not only smartphones, but also the company. All who were present at the Congress, were simply in obvious tenderness, of such beauty and singularity.

Statue of Pegasus Smartphone 2

Representatives of the company Huawei said that to build such a miracle, they took more than 720 hours. Models that are used to build a Pegasus, called Ascend D Quad. But, we can say that such a masterpiece surprised not only the numerous audience, but also the creators. It is worth remembering that the company only a few years ago was completely unknown, and of them almost no one had heard. But today, this company is known to absolutely all mobile phone users.

Statue of Pegasus Smartphone 3

Now, the most important thing is that the company was able to definitely identify the novelty of the smart phones that are now available on the market. Smartphone this is not so easy, especially because it lurks quad-core processor. And this is a huge plus for us, as these devices are not every company can provide its user.

Statue of Pegasus Smartphone 4

The exhibition, which has been granted «winged horse» of the most significant in the world. Since it is here that is going to a huge number of representatives who, in turn, pay attention to such things bright.

Statue of Pegasus Smartphone 5

The conclusion is only one, that the company was able to not only surprise, but clearly present their novelty in the world of mobile technology. And in the future, such a demonstration of a beneficial effect on the further advancement of the company. We, as consumers, wake up hope for the best and wait for something new in the performance of the company. Create a sculpture, it is one thing, but the build quality is completely different.