Wine tourism in Italy

Tuscany is the place, which have long been famous for its wines. The most famous wine is Chianti, Brunello, etc. When a tourist comes here, the first thing he is given into the hands of this map-guide for 200 kilometers. The most interesting thing that immediately, immediately offer a journey, for these 200 kilometers in two weeks. First, tourists are amazed that such a segment, it would seem, is not very big, spread out over two weeks is too much, but no. Here, the speed with which move Tuscans, is 600 meters per hour.

Wine tourism in Italy 2

It would seem that it’s funny, but coming here, you will be convinced that it is impossible to pass by a variety of attractions that are here at every step. You are in the center of wine tourism in Italy. In Tuscany wines difference is so great that when they see the eyes run in different directions. The main varieties of grapes in Tuscany is a red «Sangiovese».

Wine tourism in Italy 3

But in Montalcino wineries use grapes prototype called «Brunello». In order not to lose a season, we recommend you to come here in the period from May to September. That is, you can watch the process of the grape harvest, various holidays, etc.

Wine tourism in Italy 4

Also, you can go for a holiday open house, which is usually carried out in late May. This festival is unique in that you can visit the winery and to investigate its practical inside and out. That is, only once a year falls this chance. Also, there is another unusual event, which is held in late August. There comes rolling barrels, locals dancing in the costume of the Middle Ages, having fun at all and, of course, drinking wine.

Wine tourism in Italy 5

So what conclusion can be only one, Tuscany is the world of wine, fun and freedom for travelers. Visit this place if falls possible, it is necessary. And believe me, you will never regret your journey. The friendly people, the most delicious wine, what else you need for a perfect holiday.