Wine tourism in Greece

The beautiful and ancient country of Greece. In it lies a lot of volcanic rocks, the beautiful sky, the sea and many other things that is so fond of tourists today. As it turns out, there is also widespread wine tourism. But when compared to other countries, the grape fields will not find here. Since in order to protect each grape, they are twisted into a dense ring which are pressed towards the ground. Presses they need so that the grapes were constantly inside the ring.

Wine tourism in Greece 2

Here, winemakers are based on myths, of which there are already a lot, as well as extreme conditions, who are here every day. These are the growing conditions and produce a fine crop. It was in Santorini known different varieties of wine, especially white wine and sweet wine vin santo.

Wine tourism in Greece 3

The basis for these wines is only one, this grape variety named «assitiko». It is this variety is so adapted to the conditions that could easily contend with the living conditions on the volcano. In order to be in time for the season, you will need to arrive between the month of May and October.

Wine tourism in Greece 4

The best time of the year, the month of May and September because the weather is not only soft, but also comfortable. In the summer here, as in all countries of the resort’s hot, a lot of tourists and the prices exorbitant. The harvest here comes to an end in October, on the feast of the holy Averkiosa. But still, it’s okay for resort countries in this period of time. In order to find out where the winery, you will need to contact the travel agency.

Wine tourism in Greece 5

To taste the wine that is produced here, pre-book does not need anything. Especially since the tasting takes place here not for free. Also, price includes tasting and a tour by the farm where wine is produced directly. That network, you can draw only one conclusion that without a travel agency, you may be very difficult to cope. So be prepared carefully and in advance is necessary for such a journey.