Russian submarine on a Milan street

In recent years, in many countries it is quite widely spread this kind of fine art, as the installation, which in its form refers to a kind of spatial solutions in small architectural forms. In principle, in order to imagine what it is enough to open any internet search machine keyword «installation» and it will be possible to virtually evaluate the monitor of your computer the charms of a masterpiece of modern art painter.

Russian submarine on a Milan street 2

Thus, in particular, last year in Milan, a lot of noise caused a similar work of the Italian designer who is practically in the city center, on the street Via dei Mercanti, placed a fake submarine, which «emerged» in the middle of the street scattered in different directions, not only paving slabs but also a little fresh squeezed SMART. At the same time when look at this spectacle gathered a sufficient number of spectators, mainly consisting of tourists and events space cordoned off the police and rescue services of the city, from the conning tower of the submarine № L1F3, jumped brave sailors and for the amusement of the idle public staged a small scuffle.

Russian submarine on a Milan street 3

In principle, this kind of installation in addition to the aesthetic content wore and commercial in nature, because the project was funded by an Italian insurance companies as a kind of «unobtrusive» ads showing idle public, modern life is not quite predictable in their unexpected events that in our lives can happen any time.

Russian submarine on a Milan street 4

However, if the appearance of Russian submarine on a Milan street ended without any incidents, and its cost has remained a trade secret of its organizers, in some cases, such projects are less optimistic ending, both for the participants and for the organizers. In this regard, it is worth remembering some funny incident that took place in the Italian city of Bari, where after the opening of the exhibition of contemporary art in the gallery Display Mediating Landscape. There’s virtually the next day after the opening without the presence of malice destroyed some unique art objects, the total cost, according to the authors, no less than 10 000 euros.

Russian submarine on a Milan street 5

The essence of the problem lay in the fact that the cleaner of this gallery, the man is clearly far from the main trends in contemporary art, just throw some «works» in the trash, taking them for a clear podobstvo not located on the territory entrusted to it. Although this incident was promptly settled klinigovoy director of the company responsible for cleaning the gallery space, and garbage cans had not yet had time to take in the city dump, but the fact is the best characterized the attitude of a certain part of the population to modern art art.