Karst cave Devyatashka in Bulgaria

One of the most beautiful and unique caves in Northern Bulgaria is a karst cave, which is in a few kilometers from the village Devetaki. Devetashka Cave is located near the shore of the river Osam, the nearest town is located twenty kilometers – Lovech.

Karst cave Devyatashka in Bulgaria 2

Bulgaria Soil is a quarter of the karst. So it is not surprising nature with the help of wind, water and climatic conditions has created such an amazing cave, which consists of quaint bridges, caves, whirlpools, eleven underground lakes. According to some underground passages and halls, which are hanging stalactites, stalagmites, stalacton, marble columns, and the rivers flow. A special climatic conditions create some rooms glaciation.

Karst cave Devyatashka in Bulgaria 3

Historically, the caves served as home to the primitive people. At the site of the excavations found skeletons of animals, primitive tools, ancient drawings. Since 1640 over five thousand caves were discovered in Bulgaria. In 1980, the museum is the only cave in the Balkans in the town of Chepelare was organized.

Karst cave Devyatashka in Bulgaria 4

Cave Devyatashka was discovered in 1921. To date, it has gained the title of one of the largest in Europe. Devetashki length of more than 2400 kilometers, the area – 20,400 square meters. Archaeologists claim that the cave was formed in prehistoric times (in the cultural layer of findings suggesting that people living in the caves of Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and early Iron Age have been found). Just Cave proudly bears the title of a monument of historical and cultural scale. Since 1996, it is declared a natural landmark.

Karst cave Devyatashka in Bulgaria 5

The most unique find in Devyatashke – 360 meter cave room, the largest in Bulgaria. Tourists are attracted by the natural curiosity, but her visit is closed for the first two months of the summer due to seasonal breeding bats. To get to the cave are several roads. One is through the village Devyataki, the other runs between the villages of Alexander and Doyrentsi. Asphalt laid before the bridge, on the way will have to continue along the path on their own.