Popeye Village

In Malta, there is an interesting park, called Popeye Village. It was built in 1980 for the decoration of the comedy musical film «Popeye». The role of the sailor Popeye, played the famous actor Robin Williams. This picture did not become popular, and the village gained its popularity in quite a short time, and has become a tourist attraction.

Popeye Village 2

The settlement consists of 19 small houses that have preserved and exposure details, which were involved in the shooting of the film. Especially love to visit here for kids of all ages. Tours are animators who dress up in costumes of the main characters from the film «Popeye». Here, on the territory of the village are built swimming pools, a private water park, amusement, gaming halls, a museum, and also has a good restaurant and the beach. The entertainment program included a variety of shows and showing of films.

Popeye Village 3

In general, the Popeye village is quite an interesting place which you must visit if you come to Malta. The entertainment program includes moments when the characters dressed in the musical actors engage visitors and tourists to take part in the film’s plot. Feel actors here is very simple, just go to the village, and then you will be engaged in merry animators.

Popeye Village 4

Where you can spend the entire den, both adult and child to enjoy great views of neighborhoods, cinematic fun park surprise and delight its attractions. Entrance to the village this charge, the price is about 20 euros.

Popeye Village 5

This place is the first film studio in Malta, and it is up to the present time is the most colorful and unique. Besides film Popeye, on the island of Malta starred such famous films as «Gladiator», «The Count of Monte Cristo» and «Troy».