Goseck circle

One of the most mysterious places in Germany is goseck circle. This historical monument is made of earth and gravel, as well as wooden palisades. It is believed that he is one of the most primitive solar observatories that have been created by man. The ditches, which are surrounded by palisade walls, form a kind of circle with a diameter of over seventy meters.

Goseck circle 2

Incidentally, it was able to restore its original shape, despite the fact that it took a lot of time. The height of the palisade is two and a half meters, and you can get in through the gate. It is noteworthy, by the way, that the gates show the direction of sunset and sunrise during the winter solstice.

Goseck circle 3

Experts suggest that this historical monument was built about seven thousand years ago, Neolithic peoples. Date was determined using the pottery fragments, which were found at that location. However, the main mystery for archaeologists is how the ancients could so accurately and fairly high quality to construct this unique facility.

Goseck circle 4

It is believed that this circle could just be a lunar or solar calendar, but it is nothing more than speculation. There are, however, some evidence that in ancient times in Europe has been quite common sun cult. And on the basis of this information, there is another assumption – in the circle can be performed some rituals, perhaps with sacrifices.

Goseck circle 5

Headless skeleton – The human bones, and among them were found as evidence of this theory. It is possible that this ancient observatory was kind of the basis for the construction of similar buildings throughout Europe, and is widely known Stonehenge in England was the last in the chain.