Cottage Ufogel

This strange building is located on a hillside in the mountains of East Tyrol, Austria. This house is very unusual, its main principle is to significantly reduce the pressure on the structure of the world. At most it concerns the soil, the house on it almost not worth it.

Cottage Ufogel 2

Cottage Ufogel can be classified as a «green» home, and the reason for this is that it has no foundation. Appearance eco resembles a space capsule which landed on the moon, or the name of the house flying tarelku.I appropriate Ufogel.

Cottage Ufogel 3

Inside, the house have arranged according to the principle of minimalism, there is nothing superfluous. With that, the decor and interior design is very elegant and is not without a kind of chic, it all lies in simplicity. Despite the fact that the house is made on the same principle as a minimalist, inside there is everything you need in order to be able to comfortable and cozy to any modern man.

Cottage Ufogel 4

There is only one large room, which can be considered a bedroom-living room. There is as well a small kitchen, there is a sink and stove. Also, the kitchen has a freezer and freezer, shelves, tables, is where to put the cooking utensils. Next to the toilet and shower room kitchen. In the living room there is a real oven that can melt in the cold and warm up firewood.

Cottage Ufogel 5

Eco Home is made entirely of wood. Also, there has a loft, on the second level is the master bedroom, underneath a living room, with a large table, bench and chairs. Cottage Ufogel built exclusively for those who like to relax in the mountains. It is fully warmed up less than an hour, and the insulation system perfectly keeps warmth even at very low temperatures. All windows of the house open freely. On the ground level there is a pantry, where you can store food.