Trampoline over the Seine

Since then, as the market appeared new and modern technology for the production of high-strength synthetic fibers, in particular of the same nylon sports equipment such as trampoline has become even more affordable. What clearly shows a fairly wide range of these missiles are present in the domestic market.Trampoline over the Seine 2

This modern trampolines reasonable price and a variety of dimensions has led to the fact that the trampoline has become as decoration suburban area, as well as a small grill or barbecue, built of red brick. In view of this trend, a group of French architects from the group AZC, proposed to implement on the banks of the River Seine in Paris, a few ambitious project to build a bridge made of a huge trampoline, thrown from one bank of the Seine to the other.
Trampoline over the Seine 3

In general, this structure was to consist of three sections, the width of more than thirty meters and a total length of ninety-four meters. Construction of a bridge — the trampoline should be made of synthetic materials that provide a pneumatic component of the whole structure, as the bridge — a trampoline, on the idea of the authors of the inflatable type.
Trampoline over the Seine 4

However, if you visit in the near future, the legendary capital of France, then you will not see the trampoline over the Seine, as presented at the annual architectural competition Arch Triumph, and the remaining projects. As part of this competition, the municipality of Paris is considering the possibility of creating in the capital of France’s new urban structures, the type of order, as in his later years was the Eiffel Tower.
Trampoline over the Seine 5

Thus another reason for the lack of implementation of this project is the fact that the bridge to the authors trampoline structurally located on the surface of the water, that under any scenario would hamper the movement of the Seine excursion «trams» which abounds in tourist business of the French capital.