Church of St. Fotini

When you come to Greece, almost every time you are visiting the most remarkable place in the history of the city. But besides the interesting places in Greece there is a holy place is the church of St. Fotini.Church of St. Fotini 2

Holy Church is located in Arcadia, near the city of Tripoli. In addition, close to the town there is a point of interest, as the ruins of the ancient city of Mantinea. In ancient times, this city was the center of all the historical events that took place in Greece, and in 1978, there was built Christian church.
Church of St. Fotini 3

The singularity of this temple is that it has gathered several architectural culture, this Byzantine elements, elements of ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian. These unusual combinations are still controversial among scientists.
Church of St. Fotini 4

The idea to build this church belongs to Professor Konstantin Papafeodoru, who was born in Arcadia. Speaking from the point of view of the residents of Tripoli, they thought he was a very strange man. And all because of that every day, he was seen of felts, roofing felts with assistants on the ruins, and each time he was looking for something. And the people, simply do not understand what he was looking for there. So far, over time, they saw that he builds the structure, which eventually turned out to be the church.
Church of St. Fotini 5

The place for construction, was chosen quite by accident, because according to some myths, this city was the origin of life. Even the Romans called this land «Ark of God». As the locals say, only then, he invested in the construction of his whole soul, and because she remained so beautiful and unusual. To see such beauty, one has only to come to Arcadia and to see everything. On the Internet, there is a video which beautifully reveals the beauty of the buildings, but still, if you do not see yourself, it will only be a video, and only.