Necromancer Oracle Acheron or dead

Oracle of the Dead, or as it is called necromancy Acheron, he was one of the most sacred places in ancient Greece. The fact that this was an oracle in Greece, the most ancient source of evidence, which is located at the moment, in writing.

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Each of the ancient Greeks, wanted to know what awaits them in the future, and how to prevent it. Still, some people are afraid to contact the dead, whose souls, they believed, were wandering in the underworld, in the depths of the lake Aherusiya. Currently, this lake is not as it dried in the last century, and now in its place stretched green fields.

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In ancient times, this lake flows into at least three mysterious river. Acheron, in translation, meaning bleak or sad river Cocytus, translated, black river or river crying. As well as the river called Periflegeton, which means river of fire. From the names of the rivers should be gloomy atmosphere of mourning and grief. The lake, in ancient writings, described as evil, as in his black waters, all life, just died.

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Ancient people believed that the lake was so imagine the entrance to Hades, which was guarded by three-headed dog Cerberus. Myth — or reality, but people believed that the souls of the lake crossed by a boatman named Charon. But he did so only when he was given coin. Some think that it was necessary to put a coin in the mouth deceased, some people thought differently, this evidence could not be found. And if the coin does not invest, the soul wandered along the banks of the river.

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There are many interesting historical facts about this mysterious city and oracle. During the excavations, it was found a lot of pottery, which could be stored butter, milk, wine, etc. All of this history, to the end that we did not become known, but we must keep the memory of it, as people in ancient times, all believed it.