The Greek island of unrealistic size

Greece is famous not only for its attractions, but also the islands. And one of them, an area of 8260 square kilometers, and the length from west to east 260 kilometers, is the island of Crete.

The Greek island of unrealistic size 2

This island is the warmest place in Greece. On the north coast, he washes the Aegean Sea, and with all other parties, it is washed by the Mediterranean Sea. In Crete there are several cities such as Heraklion, Aghios Nikolaos, Rethymnon and Chania. The main thing is what is involved in virtually every person is tourism, young people and agriculture, for a more adult.

The Greek island of unrealistic size 3

What’s interesting about this island is that 60 percent of this mountain chain, canyons and gorges that cross the island from the north and south. For the first time in history on this island people settled 7000 years BC. It was during the early Neolithic, unfortunately, for the history of this period is almost unknown. Crete, like the rest of Greece, covered the history and myths. And where truth and fiction is very difficult to make out to this day. If you believe the myths, this island once belonged to the king of the gods, Zeus himself. History of Zeus is also covered with darkness.

The Greek island of unrealistic size 4

Unfortunately, because in 1450, there was a volcanic eruption, it erased the entire Minoan nation, and a giant wave destroyed and part of the population of Crete. The story is very large, complicated and shrouded in obscurity. But now, it is a beautiful island, with crystal clear black sea, majestic mountains, and ancient cities.

The Greek island of unrealistic size 5

Visit Crete, this is probably the dream of every one of us, but now the cost of the permit is too great. But if you wait to begin their travel agencies «hot deals», then you can always try. Well, the truth, it’s not every day seems a possibility, as to visit such a beautiful island. Go to the museum and to hear and see everything with your own eyes. Agree that the beautiful in our lives are not so much, so why not.