Port Aventura theme park

Port Aventura is an European spa, a large-scale residence for exciting pastime. Hundreds of entertainment, a sea of emotions, splashes of joy and happiness, the positive mood of dizzying rides await visitors. Port Aventura, the Spanish called Disneyland. In a way it is the only theme park, which is located in Europe. It is located just a hundred kilometers from Barcelona, on the Gold Coast resort town of the village.

Port Aventura theme park 2

Interesting tours of Barcelona include a visit to the park, experience which will be unforgettable. On the vast territory of the park, an area of 117 hectares is located more than 40 attractions. It quietly and peacefully coexist, Mexico and China, the Mediterranean. All its territory is conventionally divided into six parts, in which there are whole worlds. Holidays in Spain would not be complete without a visit to the park, where one day you can visit all the countries of the world. Especially interesting to kids of all ages. At the beginning of the trip we expected and hospitably opens its doors to a variety of cafes, cozy restaurants with fine cuisine, offering traditional Spanish tapas. Many shops, stalls, which is located right at the main entrance to the park. A sweet tooth will be difficult to get past the cafe «Il caffè di Roma».

Port Aventura theme park 3

In the first part, which is dedicated to the Mediterranean, there are high-speed roller coaster. In the world ranking superekstrimalny ride Furius Baco (Fyurius Baicoi) ranks 10th. Fantastic speed reaches 135 km / h, so the ride a second time on this route, few people dare to even the boldest and most courageous often refuse. You can map out a route in advance, which will help make Russian-speaking guide in Barcelona. After the roller coaster can be on the «Wild West.» In the architecture and character of the buildings, in rides with bright ideas and show a spirit of fearless cowboys, who once bravely conquered the wild west. Shoot a real cowboy shooting pistols offers ShootingGallery.

Port Aventura theme park 4

Kids who are not yet interested in similar activities, are invited to ride on wooden trolleys or water attractions «Silver River» and «rafting down the Grand Canyon.» In Mexico, the visitors expect bright colors and pleasant impressions of Mexican cuisine that accompanies tourists throughout this part of the park. Most fearless expects attraction «Flight of the Condor.» After climbing 100 meter pole daredevil waiting for a dizzying descent into the rapidly falling down carriage.

Port Aventura theme park 5

Mysterious East introduces the culture of China. Here awaits fans of extreme sports attraction «Dragon Khan», with great speed, great differences in height, descents, sharp climbs and coups, breathtaking. Only for thrill-seekers who crave the excitement and adrenaline. Identify and describe the diversity of the magical world of entertainment complex. It is worth to come here and not once. Your guides will be curious, clear, contagious laughter of children and squeals of delight, rumbling rides, music and sounds from everywhere.