Barcelona, the historic city center

See Spain, perhaps the dream of every student, after meeting with Don Quixote and his faithful squire Sancho Panza. Holidays in Spain, you can start with a visit to the central historical part of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. The Catalans call it Barri Gotik. Perhaps the experience would not be complete if not do without walking. The more that the narrow and winding streets and can only be moved. And if you really want to feel like in another era, then you exactly here — in the famous Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.

Barcelona the historic city center 2

The architecture of the Gothic Quarter, very different from the architecture of Barcelona, it is easy to make. It is enough to dive into any lane in which the twilight reigns and peace of the Middle Ages. Light, slightly damp coolness that emanates from the stone buildings, closed over his head with balconies and wrought iron grilles, lights, overgrown with ivy. Walk you can start with a visit to a small cafeteria, smelling of cinnamon and freshly baked pastries, where you can sit with a cup of coffee, look around, soaking up the atmosphere of the ancient city. From the ancient settlements of our era got only scattered fragments of defensive towers, with buildings, aqueducts and temples, which were Roman settlements, they are in different parts of the Gothic Quarter, and still have not lost their impressiveness.

Barcelona the historic city center 3

You can even do a bit of shopping, and boot souvenirs and gifts for aunts and friends. Smiling local merchants themselves come running to you and will be in broken English to show their goods and to explain the price, which, incidentally, is much more attractive than in the center of modern Barcelona. The Gothic Quarter is noteworthy for its main attractions, ie, remains of Roman structures, many historic monuments.

Barcelona the historic city center 4

For example, preserved part of the wall of the house Barsino, built in the I century after Christ, which is the Museum of City History, carefully storing the remains of workshops and way of life in those days a wealthy family associated with the cult of early Christianity. Centre quarter is the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia. Its construction was not as much, but for a hundred years and ended in 1420. Currently, this is the Cathedral is the main cathedral of Barcelona.

Barcelona the historic city center 5

In the maze of streets with many musicians carts, which are the loudspeakers. Perhaps we should agree in advance your route with a guide in Barcelona to continue his tour of the old part of the city, because planning is very chaotic. The streets of the Gothic Quarter can suddenly break off and get you into a modern city. All of a sudden you find yourself in the noisy hustle and bustle of Barcelona. Catalonia will always be remembered as the city, unique and unique architecture, which seems a piece of the Dark Ages. It is unlikely that the whole world will be found in the city, keeping to its children are not small fragments of architectural monuments, as well as a whole range of small, historic tales — Barcelona.