The apartment is in an old dovecote

Spanish photographer Christian Shallert, moved in 2003 to Barcelona, faced with the challenge of finding and acquiring property. But the solution was found, and now Christian is the owner of the ordinary, but quite cozy penthouse, formerly an abandoned dovecote on the roof of the 6-storey building.

The apartment is in an old dovecote 2

It is noteworthy that in the area of just over 20 m2 able to fit everything you need for a comfortable bachelor and even luxurious life. The apartment has a comfortable shower, a kitchen with a refrigerator and dishwasher, a large and comfortable bed, a toilet with a window and a living room capable to accommodate 5 people. Moreover, on the roof of flats also have a comfortable lounge area with amazing views of the city.

The apartment is in an old dovecote 3

Design of apartments engaged architect Barbara Apolloni, immediately suggested not to try to put in a tiny room all at once, but use different function areas as needed. It is this principle can be taken into account by all those who decided to overhaul a small apartment in an old dovecote.

The apartment is in an old dovecote 4

To share all the features of the room and put all of the most compact Barbara came up with an unusual design in the wall cabinet. This cabinet is completely smooth and has no protrusions and knobs, but accommodates itself absolutely everything from clothes to food. When Christian is not sleeping or eating, modest apartment resembles a rectangular office entirely unfurnished. It provided only a shower, which could not conceal.

The apartment is in an old dovecote 5

Of course, someone will say that it is extremely inconvenient to constantly open and close cabinets and change the function of the room, but the owner of the apartment from her just delighted and does not plan to change anything. He also noted that is a pretty active person, and constantly change and move functions apartment he likes. In addition, this apartment is quite simply to keep in order and everything is always at hand, and dinner with a magnificent view of the city itself pleasure.