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Despite the fact that in recent years, many of our compatriots are making their travel more exotic country for us, such as the same, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Maldives. However, some of us, especially those who are relatively poorly tolerates heat and humid climate, try to go to more northern countries such as Denmark, Finland and Norway is the same.

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The temperate climate, especially in the summer season, rich in nature and not less exotic landscapes associated with severe forms of rocks, flora austere greens and numerous fjords, glaciers and snow. And that fall under these definitions Kongeriket Norge — Northern Kingdom of Norway, a state located in the northern part of Europe, a small portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula and the surrounding numerous islands of the Arctic Ocean.

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However, if we talk about the location of the island, the Norwegians in their years «lay their hands» is not only the islands of the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica, and South Atlantic. Although, tourist tours on Bouvet Island, which is located exactly in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean you will not find in any travel agency world, because despite his impressive size of some 49 square kilometers and is almost entirely covered with ice only, but he, too, owned by the Kingdom of Norway.

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By its state structure Norway refers to a constitutional monarchy. Where, in addition to the current constitution, adopted in 1814, since 1991, rules and King Harald V, which has a fairly good pedigree since her father Olav V and all other ancestors had in kinship, not only the crown princes and princesses, but and the simple noblewomen.

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However, this little historical digression has no special relationship to nature in Norway with her two pretty big fjords, five magnificent waterfalls, many small mountains, a railway and a vast, pristine glacier.