The good old city of Berne

Bern is considered not only the most beautiful city in Switzerland, but also throughout Europe. The city was founded in the late 12th century, but, despite its long history, has managed to preserve historical monuments in excellent condition. Old Bern is considered to be cultural heritage by UNESCO.

The good old city of Berne 2

Tourists visiting the city, enjoy a huge number of fountains, each of which is a work of art, and many of them and architectural monument. In addition, they are very decorate the city. In Bern there is a botanical garden and a zoo. And here you can feed these bears. The famous bell tower Zytglogge conquers travelers to its mechanical performance, accounting watch the crowds.

The good old city of Berne 3

City is located on the beautiful river — Aare. The beginning of it lies in the Bernese Alps, it’s very fast and clean, and the water has a greenish tint. Travelers can easily jump into the water flow and trust. You can not be afraid to cling to some snag or boulder, as the river bottom is constantly cleaned. Also on the river is equipped with several special railing, which you can get to the beach.

The good old city of Berne 4

In addition, the city of Bern voted the most beautiful and historically significant, it is still among the most expensive cities. It became clear through the specific criteria by which to determine expensive city. Shopping in Bern is expensive, rice worth $ 4.7, 8.4 dollar a dozen eggs, and Movies will cost more than 19 dollars.

The good old city of Berne 5

Of course, this little wonder, because it is based in Bern offices most famous Swiss companies such as: Toblerone, The Swatch Group, Swisscom, Rolex. Foreign companies are not deprived the town’s attention. The most famous is Ebay and Cisco.