Christian holy place — Mount Nicholas

Among a large part of Christians a special honor and respect enjoyed a saint, as Nicholas. With this in mind, ever since the sixteenth century, is very popular among pilgrims Nicholas enjoys mountain located in Sura area of the Ulyanovsk region, which is stored in the stone chapel of the miraculous icon of St. Nicholas.

Christian holy place - Mount Nicholas 2

The second name of this natural hill White Mountain. It rises 76 meters above the river that flows nearby Sura and in large part consists of white, lime, which gave her a second name. In addition, the St. Nicholas or White Mountain is remarkable that at its foot, on the east side there are several springs that are constantly replenish the water supply of the two wells.

Christian holy place - Mount Nicholas 3

And his name was Nicholas Mountain based on the existing make of the phenomenon on this mountain of Nichola, what happened in 1552, when the mountain was one of the first guard patrols on display to prevent incursions of nomadic tribes Nagaitsev and Kuban Tatars. And giving itself says that when the siege at the next patrol and patrol the nearby settlement Promzino cavalry Kuban Tatars did not dare to attack the fort and fled in terror from the settlement, it became clear that the reason for this phenomenon has been on the top of Mount of Nichola.

Christian holy place - Mount Nicholas 4

Since that time, the beginning of the peak of the mountain is considered holy and namolennye. A little later, in 1600, built on top of a wooden chapel, which was christened and Nikolina, placing it miraculous icon.

Christian holy place - Mount Nicholas 5

To date, in Nikolina Gora is a stone chapel built by the parishioners and pilgrims in 1996. And twice a year, in January and May, the Day of St. Nicholas — the saint, the miraculous icon leaves the shelter and participate in the festive prayer service on all the joy of parishioners and pilgrims gathered from all over Russia to this day in Nikolina Gora.